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Attendance and Tardy Policy

Students who attend school regularly derive the most benefit from the instructional program. Students with good attendance records achieve higher grades, enjoy school more, are more successful in their pursuit of higher education, and are more employable after leaving school. The California Administrative Code Title V, Section 300, states that every pupil shall attend school punctually and regularly, and conform to the regulations of the school.

It is the policy of San Antonio High School that students attend class regularly; that work missed because of school related activities or illness be promptly made up; that truancy is unacceptable; and that other absences approved by the parent be minimized or avoided whenever possible. Students who are frequently absent from or tardy to class without sufficient cause may be enrolled in an alternate school setting at the discretion of the principal.


Excused Absences:

a. Excused absences are those that are recognized by the State as LEGAL excused absences:
Medical/Dental Appointments
Family Funeral

b. School excused absences include:
Field trips
Athletic and academic events
School office appointments

c. Personal excused absences are recognized by the school as being warranted:
Appearance in court
Holiday or ceremony of student’s own religion
Verified family emergency
Funeral services for other than member of immediate family

Unexcused Absences

Absences not defined above as excused are unexcused absences and they include:
Unverified absence
Absence due to leaving campus without permission
Tardy more than 20 minutes

Students who are late to class often fail to realize that the teacher may have already recorded them as absent. It is always in the student’s best interest to remain after class and ask the teacher to correct the “absence” to a “late.”
There are no school sanctioned “ditch” days.


A tardy occurs when the student is not in their assigned seat when the final bell rings.

Verifying Absences

When a student is absent from school for any reason, the parent or guardian must notify the office. A phone call or note stating the reason for the absence on or before the return day is preferred. All absences must be cleared within three (3) school days from the last consecutive day of absence. After that time, all absences will be considered unexcused. Under state funding guidelines, it is fraudulent for a parent to falsely excuse a student’s absence or tardiness. Parents will receive an automated call when their student has an unexcused absence, one or more periods.

Permission to Leave Campus

a. For a student to legally leave campus, once the school day begins, parents must call or write a note and request a permit to leave
for their student, indicating the reason and time for dismissal.

b. Before a student leaves school, he or she must have a permit to leave issued by the school.

c. Students initiating a request to leave school must report to the office (between periods or with teacher approval) and request a permit to leave. Parents will be contacted for their permission, except for confidential medical care (Education Code 46010.1).

d. Under no circumstances should a student leave during the school day without securing permission. Leaving campus without permission is an infraction of San Antonio High School Rules and Regulations. The student will also be considered truant and receive a citation from the Claremont Police Department.

Leaving Campus When Sick

A student, who wishes to go home because of illness, must obtain a “Permit to Leave School” from the Office.
If a student is off campus at lunch and becomes ill, the parent or guardian must contact the office by the end of lunch in order to excuse the absence.