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StopIt! Report anonymously ONLINE!
Posted 5/2/18

Is there something that needs to be reported to the school anonymously?  Please download StopIt!  On Android or Apple devices, and use the code "SAHSPRIDE" to connect your device to San Antonio.  it is 100% anonymous!  We cannot track you, but we will certainly get your message regarding things like:  sexual harassment, bullying, threats to the campus or threats to individuals, drugs, cyber-bullying, concerns for suicide, etc.  You can send us a message, or engage us in an Instant Message chat.  If you prefer, you can let us know through the webapp at:

You can use the same code of "SAHSPRIDE."  Again, it is completely anonymous.  If you have questions on how to use this app, please call us at (909) 398-0316.